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and thank you for visiting. I use this space on the web as a plattform to connect with people and organizations that are interested in similar research topics and are looking for creative solutions to global challenges that affect politics and territorial development in the Global South. After several years working in the field of international cooperation and development in Central America, I am currently based in Germany, where I am conducting research on the link between energy transtition and transnational relations as a researcher within the BMBF Junior Research Group "Bioeconomy and Inequalities" at the University of Jena, and as an associate researcher at the Arnold-Bergstraesser-Institute.


Please note that I post things in different languages, depending on the story I post. You are welcome to contact me with suggestions, critique or comments related to these pages.


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As a political scientist and development practitioner, I am particularly interested in global issues that shape territorial development in different countries, especially in Latin America. 


My current research undertakes a critical assessment of China´s resource policies towards Latin America focusing on the extractive sectors of Brazil and Peru.


The aim of these pages is to expand the possibility to network with researchers, consultants as well as with public and private organizations who develop concepts and projects related to these topics.



My professional focus is to assist the design, development and implementation of public policies related to Energy and Raw Materials, Regional Economic Development and Land Use Management.


I have worked as a policy advisor, consultant and process facilitator for and with international organizations, national and local governments, civil society organizations, private companies, small and medium sized businesses and universities in different countries.




non-profit organizations

If you work for a non-profit organization that has limited resources and you think that I might be able to help you bring your projects forward, feel free to contact me to identify possible contributions. I am very motivated to support initiatives of non-profit organizations through strategy development, proposal writing, workshop facilitation, translation and also co-organizing fundraising activities through the performing arts.



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Resource Conflicts & Extractivism

The global demand for raw materials is ever growing. Meanwhile, key resources such as oil and copper, amongst others, become scarce. Gaining access to limited resources has become one of the main strategic goals of industrialized countries and their emerging competitors of the global South, primarily China. This global trend puts great pressure on Latin American countries that try to take advantage of new markets and new strategic partners. 


Interested? Get in touch with the Working Group on Resource Conflicts at the Arnold Bergstraesser Institute, University of Freiburg


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